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Training the Nation's Pilots

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RPA - DC's One-Stop for Aviation Services

Rising Phoenix Aviation serves the DC Metro area filling a wide variety of aviation needs.

  • Drone Training - Need a drone license?  The FAA says that if you use your drone for commercial purposes . . . you do!

Prepare for the FAA Remote Pilot Certificate (Drone, Part 107) in our full day classroom training with our expert instructor.  Online programs are no match for learning from a LIVE instructor!

                    Our course provides you with:

                            - 8 hour training course

                            - Expert instruction with guided discussion

                            - Experienced Flight Instructor, ATP, Certified A&P Mechanic with Inspection

                               Authorization, and . . . Remote Pilot

                            - Questions answered immediately

                            - Course Materials and Study Guide

                            - Approx. 200 highly focused accurate study questions

                            - In-depth discussions of weather and navigation charts

                            - How to apply your new knowledge to real world situations

                            - How to apply for a waiver in areas such as Washington, DC, etc.

                            - Instructor access for follow-up support

                            - Guaranty you'll pass the FAA exam . . . the first time!*

                    Keep in mind, you'll be taking not just a "Part 107" test.  This is a widespread misconception!  You'll be tested on other regulations too, as well as navigation charts, weather, and maintenance requirements.  We'll cover all of those in our comprehensive course, so you will be completely prepared to take the FAA exam.

                    To become a Remote Pilot, you must:

                            - Pass the FAA Knowledge Test for Unmanned Aircraft (aka Part 107 test)

                            - Apply for your Certificate on the FAA website

                    There are two ways you can take the course:

                            -  Attend a regularly scheduled class.

                            -  Organize a group of 3 or more.  Schedule a convenient date for your group.

Regularly scheduled classes are held at the Manassas Regional Airport.  Accommodations can be made for groups such as local, state, and federal law enforcement and emergency personnel, schools, military, real estate groups, construction site inspectors, etc. 

Class size is limited to allow instruction to be more personal and effective.

Group courses may be scheduled on short notice.  We'll do our best to work within your schedule.  Minimum of 3 persons required to hold a class.  Instructor can travel to your location,.  Travel expenses may apply.

Why pay more?  Train local, train efficiently, train from the best, and train for less! 

How can we offer this course at a fraction of the cost of others?  It's simple . . . We have less overhead, and we're not greedy!

* If you don't pass the FAA Knowledge Test the first time, you make retake the class again at no charge.  Subject to available class dates.

  • Private Pilot Training - Get a "higher education" . . . Learn to FLY!

                    Whether you have always dreamed about being a pilot, it's a new-found interest, or you have your sights on being an Airline Transport Pilot, you've come to the right place!

                    Learning to fly may seem to be a little challenging!  You won't be trained to be a weatherman, but you'll know about weather . . . You won't be trained to be a mechanic, but you'll know about aircraft systems . . . You won't be trained to be a doctor, but you'll know about aviation physiology . . . and before you know it, YOU are a PILOT

                    RPA has a 100% safety record, the best safety record in the DC area.

                    Scheduling is customized to meet the student's needs.  In order to keep the cost of learning to fly, it's very important to make certain you put aside time to do some reading!  We do what we can to keep the costs as reasonable as possible. 

Let's face it . . . the cost of learning to fly is not exactly cheap, and everyone is on a budget!  Many times, young instructors will use instructing as a way to log "free time" in their own pilot logbook while they're instructing.  This allow them to build time (while the student is paying) to qualify for that coveted "airline job".  Over the years, we've heard horror stories from transfer students, how their training suffered, and how the cost was just getting out of hand.  Their instructor was more concerned with getting that "hour" in their own log book, than they were with providing proper instruction.  Unfortunately, the students don't realize it, because they just don't fully understand what their instructor should really be doing.

                    We don't do that! 

                    If you've never been in a small airplane before, we suggest an "Intro Flight".  This will show you what it's like to actually fly an airplane, and decide it it's right for you!  You'll sit down with your instructor, learn a little about each other, and see if the two of you are a good fit!  After that, the two of you will come up with a schedule that will work for you.  That's it!

                    No hard-sell tactics.  We're not used car salesmen!

                    Financing is available, and is very easy!  You decide how many lessons a week you would like. Ideally, 2 lessons a week is best.  After a lesson, all you need to do is sign your invoice.  We send it to the finance company, and they take care of all payments to us.  You'll have one set monthly payment, which is usually about the cost of what one lesson would be.  When your account is paid in full, you'll receive a credit back if all payments were made on time!  It really is that easy! We have information we can provide to you, if you would like.  Again, not a "hard-sell" tactic.  It's just an option we can provide to you to help make your dream become a reality!